How to Take Care of Your Watch


How to Take Care of Your Watch

How to Take Care of Your Watch - The Essential Guide to Keeping Your Watch Looking Great!

So you have that beautiful Timepiece of your dreams but you keep running into one issue. That issue being fingerprints, smudges, dirt and grime that keeps accumulating on your beloved and expensive luxury watch! The answer is to use the right products not only the clean this grease and dirt off of your watch but also to prevent scratching and damaging your timepiece in the process. Perpetual Detail is your solution! 

What are the products and how do they work? 

The Detailer : The Detailer acts as quick Detail spray for quick and fast everyday use. The Detailer is used by tens of thousands of watch lovers and has received rave reviews from watch lovers all over the world. It is very simple, just put on your timepiece, spray our watch cloth with The Detailer, wipe down the case, bezel, bracelet, crystal, and clasp, flip over cloth and give a final wipe down and done. The process takes about 30 seconds or less and your watch will look brand new. No harsh chemicals or abrasives! Cleans and Shines your timepiece. 

Premium Watch Cloth : Perpetual Detail offers the absolute safest and best cloth you can use the wipe down your timepiece. This is something that is often ignored but is one of the main reason peoples watches become dull and extremely scratched up over time. This cloth is not only the perfect size for handling your watches but is edgeless and super super soft. It is custom made and is truly one of a kind. 

The Cleanser : The Cleanser is a solution for use under running water. It is amazing for cleaning salts from ocean water, chemicals from pools, and any excessive dirt that accumulates on your timepiece. No brushing is required. Just massage The Cleanser throughout your links, bezel, crystal, and clasp and rinse. Dry with our Premium Watch Cloth. 

Leather And Alligator Cleaner : For use on leather and alligator straps our cleaner is great for spot cleaning and pre conditioning! It is very gentle and works incredibly leaving behind no residue. 

Leather And Alligator Conditioner : Restores and conditions the band. It brings out the true beauty of the strap and brings new life to the strap. Also adds some water proofing in the process to protect against  water staining. 

Protect your Investment

Not only does keeping your watch clean keep it looking like new, it also prevents tarnishing of the watches original finish. Your watch is an extension of you and an investment. Would you want to drive around in a dirty Ferrari? Keep your Luxury watches looking incredible with Perpetual Detail!